Someone help me figure this out

For kicks I googled Jubba Kirupa just to see what would pop up. Well this did and I’m as confused as I was when I met that transvestite…

Also, remember that stupid animation website that ripped all of Kirupas interviews? Well you can find them, still up and online here:

also, what’s worse is that Hillman Curtis, links to it on his site!

I mean Kirupa’s is there as well but its the same interview! I dunno but you may want to send an e-mail to Curtis and maybe let him know…

oh and this came up too…


Who … we need definitely need to dig into those deeper !
While searching for Kirupa on google I also bumped into that songtoday page … there’s something about it.

Holy crap, look what i found on the jared thing link you posted:

[size=5]Godzilla Attacks LA![/size]

Equipped with a Japanese Mind-control device, the giant monster has attacked important harbours along the California coast. President to take action.
[size=5]Phil Jayhan’s Death Star Update[/size]

After years of contracting set-backs and searching for hard-to-get parts, Mr. Jayhan is nearing completion on his world-destroying Death-Star. We are all looking forward to the future enslaving and erradication of the human race.
[size=5]Bigfoot Spoted at M.I.T. Dining Area[/size]

The beast was seen ordering a Snapple in the dining area on Tuesday. In a related story, Kirupa Chinnathambi, an MIT engineering student has been reported missing.
[size=5]London Angel Saves England[/size]

The “London Angel” known only as “Kit” has saved the U.K. yet again. Reports have stated that she destroyed every single Churchill bobble-head dog in the country. A great heartfilled thank you goes out to her.
[size=5]Six-eyed Man to be Wed to an Eight-armed Woman[/size]

Uhhhmmm… No comment really… just a little creepy to see them together…
[size=5]Ahmed’s Birthday Extravaganza![/size]

The gifted youngster’s birthday party should be a blast. He is turning thirteen and has requested a large cake, ice cream, and a petting zoo complete with pony rides.


What the ? What’s that all about ?

regarding songtoday, I recognize the language, and it’s Indian. It could be an Indian artist conviniently named Kirupa, lol, that’s my guess

Jubba, still have that WACOM?

This is all too freaky :slight_smile: I think I will send an e-mail to Hillman Curtis regarding that. I am sure whoever added that interview did not realize that.

Those headlines were from a tutorial i wrote about parsing XML. Just some random stuff to illustrate my point.

That first link is all of kirupa’s tutes that jubba did.

I love how animation center credits lost, jubba, kit lol :stuck_out_tongue: Then HC’s site says that they did the interview. :stuck_out_tongue: That should be settled soon now i suppose though.