Someone help me with DHTML/Javascript!

I ask lostinbeta but he said he wouldn’t give me the script becuase it wasn’t his so I tried looking for it but couldnt get anything.

Im talking about the script on his site where when you click on a button the whole frame goes left well you know what I mean if anyone can tell me the script and what to do to get this that would be great thanks so much.

Dave :goatee:

Yeah, I am really sorry but the generic version of this script was given to me and I modified it. I was not yet given permission to release how it was done.

I can give you some hints. Check out online how to use the scrollTo(x,y) function in javascript and use lots of iframes.

I am not going to have that version up much longer. I am changing it up come the new year. Since Netscape doesn’t want to support my script correctly and instead messes everything up, I have to do it. AOL 8.0 is not coming packaged with Netscape…so that means all Netscape users and AOL users that view my site will not be able to see it. Being an overwhelming amount of people that will be “forced” to use Netscape, I must change it to a version that is compatible for both IE and NS.

Here is a good simple “tutorial” on how to do it (not written by me)…

Ive looked at that already and it doesn’t work for me I dont know why. Can anyone else help me!?

Click on the link that says “vscroller” at the top of the page. It takes you to the example page.

On the example page, press go. If you see the effect, the code works, it is the same exact code they give you (I checked) and you did something wrong, if you don’t see the effect, then your browser doesn’t support it.

I saw a company when I was at the BB forums that used the same type of navigation. It was a vertical scroller though instead of a horizontal scroller, which I feel is cooler. Anyways, if I can find that company, I’ll post the link so maybe you can ask them.