Someone Please Answer This One

this one is a simple question, but its needs some bit of thinking.

so you have a client. you design him a website and a CD… everything come out great. you give him the .SWF files and the projector, he gives you the $$ and everything is good.
Untill that one day, when he ask’s for the .FLA! now I as a designer do not like the idea of exposing my clients to the source file(.FLA)

what do you guys think?
Am i right or am i right? which one is it? are there other designer in flashkit who feel the same way about given their source file to the clients. am i sure there some of you, who would agree…
i mean hey its your hardwork and you got the job done. to give away the .fla is giving away the functionality of your work, which therefore would let your client pratise and improve his own flash skills.

Should i charge him, extra for purchasing the .FLA from me.
Should i give it away for free?
Or Should i just mess up the the .FLA and then give it to him… … i know i know that would not be ethical, but i would believe it would be pratical…

please guide me , you guys do a great job at it…

This doesn’t really belong in Ordered…
Was there anything in your contract about providing the originals? If there isn’t anything explicitly saying that you must provide the client with the FLA, then you shouldn’t have to IMO.

I’d look for every single little thing in the contract that could get you out of it. If they say “present the Flash file” or something like that, it’s not understood to be the source code too. It’s the *.swf to me.

Take them to court if you feel they’re breeching your contract rights, or just don’t give in.

I don’t really want anyone else seeing my code, but this is a matter of legal talk and contract rights for the client.

1.this is not flashkit… avoid copy/paste without re-reading.
2.fla=>save as: one for you, one for the client…