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ok well,
my ? is … how can i make the part of my site that will hold my text pop up on the first click of a menu button and then … if you click the one of the menu buttons again… instead of reloading the box… it just changes the content… and then have a home kinda button that play an animation of the box closing but after is it closed it starts again with the same "only comes out on the first click of any of the menu buttons…heres an example , look at their text box.

im using flash mx.

thanks for any help

A). They’re using one dynamic text boxes, so that when you click on a button/link. It just loads the txt file that they want.

B). It’s just going to a different frame on the timeline, the frame that obviously holds the text information.

yeah i know that but …

say i put an action on each button to goto a certain frame that will play the box animation and load the text…
well that means that every time you click a button the box animation will play, in the example you’ll notice that the text box animation only plays the first time you click one of the buttons… and the only way the box closing animation plays is if you click the “home” button.

hope that clarifies


Ok… I will take a shot at this, I don’t know if it will help but…

  1. That site is made by 2 Advanced so it is obvious it is advanced.

  2. I am assuming the box in the lower left is actually 2 loaded movies. The top is a sub navigation area, and the bigger box below it is the content area.

The transitions are triggered by variables.

So say you have an out animation on your section. On the last frame of that animation you will have _root.containerClip.loadMovie(_root.newMovie)

And your buttons for changing sections looks something like this…

on (release){
_root.newMovie = “about.swf”;

Make any sense?

That is the basic gist of it.


  1. Your footer is too big. The requirement is 300x60, but we don’t mind if you go a bit over that, but yours is gigantic.

i just need the code to make the buttons only play the box animation on the first click of the button and otherwise just goto the content…

i was thinking something like this.

if (something) {

i just need what to put in the if () spot.

the code would be attached to all the buttons

you have the answer my friend …

instanceName.onRelease = function () {
if (!something) {
something = true

thanks a lot kax.

but the only thing i need to find now is what to put in place of ‘something’ in the ‘if’ statement to make it do that on the first click of a button…

anyone have an idea?

you place there any variable you want

in fact if you use the script as is … it should work
because something would be the variable :slight_smile:

maybe to make things understandable you could use clickedBefore or something like that … get the point ?? :smirk:

or i could use ‘notclicked’ but im still not too clear… do i have to define what ‘notclicked’ is ? or what? and if so, how?

you don’t need to

the logical not ! operator … checks if the variable is false
so it would be the same if you use if (something == false)

ok well its partialy working…

now… when i click it the first time i click it doesnt do anything… but the second time it works.

i dunno… lol im just gonna mess with it… still


thanks for all the help kax…

ill post again if i have a problem.

good for you =)

and i’ll be waiting … :bad:

well … now its working but i added something that complicated it…
so its not doing what i want…

i added a button that shows up when the text box is out… that says back… and it shows an animation of the box closing when clicked… the button works fine and all but if you click it after that the box wont come out again if you click on of the menu buttons …

scripts ?? fla ?? something ?? :-\

[size=1]i’m pretty busy right now … so i don’t know if i’ll be able to help you but you post the code or attach the file anyway[/size]

ill mess with it for a little while…