Something fishy with pc version of PS CS

On my PC version I do not have the “remove color” command. Under Image>>Adjustments, (is it located somewhere else for PC?)

But on my friends MAC he has Enhanced>>Adjust Color>>Remove Color

I know I could just use the Saturation Controls but that sucks. Why does MAC have stuff PC does not have. Has anyone noticed other things like this?

Mac also has a system built into their operating system that speeds up Photoshop. IE the OS and Photoshop are integrated.

I’m not sure I wan’t photoshop cs…

Macs win PC sucks thats life! try search in adobes help files.

or Select » Colour Range
Image » Adjustments » Replace Colour …
Or Image » Adjustments » Levels, and use the eyedropper and stuff. But your right if there are actualy tools Mac has and PC dont thats not fair.

I normally do a hue saturation -100 on color images to get black and white, so no biggie.

found another one…selection brushes, which you can set to mask mode…this friggin sux. I cant find these tools in the PC version anywhere. I cant believe I never noticed these huge differences.