Something I started

This is a little flash I started for myself but probably wont finish.
Give me some thoughts.

it’s simple, well done, + easy to use.

my only complaint would be that -although i haven’t seen other examples of your work so i don’t know your style- it seems a little generic. there doesn’t seem to be any type of personal touch added.

i believe that half the fun of looking at someone’s portfolio or site is to get a chance to enter the mind of the designer through thoughtful design cues; thus allowing you to truly appreciate the work.

sorry if i’m waxing a little poetic here, but that’s what came to mind :wink:

keep up the good work :beer:

I like the confetty thingy :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d say the button rollovers are a little too colourful, and im glad i’m not epileptic. But the blue and grey go really well together. I think the bar of shaded grey would look really cool abover the content box as well as below it. Overall, a really nice style to it. Cool beans.

hey thx for the response, and im sure the flashing will induce seizures across the world bwhahahaha!!! ok…ill get rid of it soon, i think its 1 line of code.

Pretty cool site… could use some content though. :wink:

that is an interesting footer too… you might want to spruce up some physics or something though! :smiley: make the letters bounce around while it’s idle, and then form on a mouse over.

hey DiscoStu, thx for the comments. I’m having difficulty coding out the random movement for my footer but i’ll put it up when i get it to work.