Sony and Samsung Unite "S-LCD"


S-LCD, the [/color][color=black]joint venture[/color][color=black] formed by the two consumer electronics giants, said it completed an LCD (liquid crystal display) manufacturing facility in Tangjung, South Korea, and that mass production of the panels is slated to begin in the first half of next year. The plant is designed to churn out 60,000 panels a month.
[/color]this will cause a stir with prices of LCD’s in the near future.

thats cool :slight_smile:

Cool :slight_smile:

they are saying its mainly for TV’s… i hope that this will affect LCD’s for computers… and which will mean CRT’s will drop heaps aswell…

The new S-LCD plant is optimized for big panels that can fit into televisions, said iSuppli analyst Riddhi Patel. “It’s going to make the large-size LCDs available at a more reasonable rate,” she said. Partly because of the new factory, the average price for LCD televisions that are 40 inches or larger should fall from about $8,000 to $1,500 by 2008, Patel said.