SOTW attempt

Well I hope I have done this right or I’m going to look EVEN dumber. :crazy:

The site is :
And my contact details are : [email protected]

If this is wrong in any way, feel free to delete it.


Read the rules before you post in SOTW.

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**Read the rules before you post in SOTW. **

Believe it or not I did.

Sorry. The date thing confused me but then I’m doing a million different things and probably should have waited till I have more time to digest it.

My bad.

It’s ok. I should probably clarify the rules. Basically, there is a specific thread for each week. It will appear at the very top of the SOTW forum as a sticky thread. Everyone must submit their site to the proper weekly thread to be considered for the award. This way, all submissions will be included and considered and remain as unbiased as possible.

You can submit your site in the current weekly thread here: Submissions for 1/17/03-1/23/03 (reply to this thread to submit a site).

Thank you very much :sure:

this is a pretty nice site. Lots of good techniques are used, and there is constantly motion, which helps accenuate the techno loops that play in the background…

My only complaint is your use of mystery meat navigation.

if your unfamiliar with mystery meat, its when the navigation buttons aren’t clearly labeld on the up state, hence the mystery.

There is no hate here, only constructive criticism. Once again, great site, and good luck on winning SOTW…

Nice site… I like the consistent motion in the site. However, it reminds me a lot of a simpler version of a site I know…\

shouldn’t this be in the SOTW section?

What can I say Majeye?? I think it’s healthy to make them do a bit of work LOL but I do understand what you are saying.

And Pjc4real. I don’t think I have ever been told that b4. I am aware of his site and find it a complement that you should liken it to his. Likely none of us see the similarities! But thanx again. =)

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**shouldn’t this be in the SOTW section? **

It was moved here FROM the SOTW section. SOTW has recently undergone an entire makeover.

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**It was moved here FROM the SOTW section. SOTW has recently undergone an entire makeover. **

Ya see. This is why I’m so confused. Am I coming or going?

LOL as long as I work it out soon :hangover: