Submit here (5/17 - 5/23)

If you wish to be considered for the SOTW for May 17-23, 2003, please read the summary of rules:

  1. Reply by the end of Friday, May 23 to be considered for this week’s award.

  2. Include the URL and your email address.

Only the webmaster/creator of the site can submit.

Only one submission per person per week.

Submissions are capped at 10 each week, so don’t wait or hesitate until the last minute.

Include a brief synopsis of your site inluding its purpose, or maybe some features you wouldn’t want anyone to miss.

  1. Websites submitted must be at least 90% Flash. Sites that have HTML pages with a Flash intro are ineligible.

  2. While it is understood that sites are perpetually under construction, please submit only complete sites. Do not submit a site that is less than 80% finished.

  3. Submissions must be actual websites with sections and content. Examples of ineligible include (but not limited to) flash games, movies, etc.

  4. There will be a private poll among the moderators and a winner will be announced by Tuesday of that week.

  5. No critiques or feedback is allowed in the submission thread. If you wish a concentrated critique of your site, you may start a thread in Site Check. However, mod critiques will be posted when a winner has been selected.

For more information or questions, please refer to the Official SOTW Rules. Once you have read and understand the rules above, you may submit your site to this thread. Sites not adhering to the rules above will be disqualified and deleted. Submitting your site is an agreement and acceptance of the rules.

RennaisanceGirl and Mods

I’m confused is today the last day for this site of the week?
I thought May 20 was tuesday?
Can someone clear this up for me?

I changed it to 23 - my bad :slight_smile: This is my first time doing the SOTW, and I’m still learning about how it works.

Kirupa :smirk:

here you goooo!!!
ok folks I’ve changed everything so if you think to have seen jontom[dot]net you’re probably wrong :slight_smile:

email: [email protected]

now… let me explain…
i wanted to do a sort of interactive map, trying to use audio at the same level of graphical stuff. I believe that matching these two things can bring the user’s envolvment onto another level. So… just move around and if you have a pair of headphones… plug them!

hi all,

check out a web site a did for a forex site.

web site:
e-mail: [email protected]

i had been waiting to submit my site here from a long time…
well here you go:
mailto: [email protected]

The client ( friend of mine ) wanted smthing with a simple artistic look.
PS= this site is up also thanks to kirupa guys !!

my e-mail = [email protected]

yep I’m back, after some redesigning and coding here is what I came up with, I tryed to fix few things that some of you gave me as a advance in first version…

here is MrMass interactive II

This is for ronga

flash mx website:
developed by: theta interactive infor
developed for: thymes two

Thymes Two is a unique culinary writing team made up of twin sisters Mary Barber and Sarah Whiteford. There appearances on talk shows like Regis and Good Morning America has built up a following of amateur and experienced cooking fans. With the release of their 7th book, they thought it was time to create a website for the fans to sink their teeth into.

Hey Jubba,
I think that the actual designers/owners of the site have to submit the site themselves for consideration for SOTW :frowning:

Kirupa :cyclops:

yeah I know. He did. But it was in another thread because he obviously didn’t read the rules. And I had a brain fart and forgot that I can merge threads…

if you dont mind that i am using sub-hosting i would like to try.

e-mail:- [email protected]


Uh… ello again, thought I’d have another pop at SOTW have changed the layout of the html my site sits in as it got a lot of critism a coupla weeks ago :wink:
[email protected]

[email protected]

i never had a lucky go with this!!! well… my site is curently down due to hosting problems… i hope it comes back up before the mods start checking the sites out here…
well if it doesn’t… can i post it for the next weeks submission??? plzzz
[email protected]

[COLOR=red]disqualified: no more than 1 site per week // pom[/COLOR]

Only 1 submission per week, Pixelmix :slight_smile:

Hi, check my site and let me know your comments, check out chat room especially.

[COLOR=royal blue]disqualified: there is no Flash on the site; a splash page in Flash with only a working HTML link does not count // kirupa[/COLOR]

The votes are in:

                            Jontom -        0% 
                         Jrtcapital -        0% 
                      Dreamdrive -       0% 

Guiseppe Simone Bertolucci - 0%
Mr. Mass Interactive - 0%
Thymes Two - 8.33%
DS Family - 0%
**Connect Games - 66.67% **
::Fastgood:: - 25.00%
None of the Above - 0%

Congratulations to m_andrews808 for winning this week’s SOTW! You will be featured on the main page of for this week. You may also post a graphical award from this page:

Good job to all the participants. One of the valuable aspects of SOTW is to get valuable feedback about your site and get an idea of how well it stands beside some of the best on the web. Check back later as mod critiques will be posted later today.

Kirupa :beam:

I didn’t like this site much because it lacked color among other things. White text on a black background is hard to read after awhile, the text paragraphs becomes white blocks. There is this concept called “Persistence of Vision,” it refers to how the human eye works. An image will remain in the back of the retina for about a 1 second or more.

If I stare at your site for about 10 seconds and close my eyes, I will still be able to see the outlines of your site and the text blocks.

The bottom line is, white text on a black background is really glaring. On top of that, you’re using a font with a heavy weight so it sort of just blends together.

I suggest using a lighter weight font or grey color font in combination with more color so that it’s less glaring.

Nice to see the work done since last time Still very dark, but not hard on my eyes, the design is good, but the problem is that nothing stands out in your pages (It’s hard to know in which section I am, the links are hard to see, I didn’t see the pictures at all on the right of the “About” section at first…). Good site anyway.

Kirupa :bandit: