Sound Conflict

Hey, all. I’ve been trying to put on of my songs, the full song, which is about 4 minutes and 30 seconds, on my site in a flash media player; however, the files are so huge, and they take forever to load and upload to/from the server.

Does anyone know how I can include the full song, but have the files slightly smaller?

Christopher William Coddington (Xzandar / cwcandromeda)

load it externally, here is an article i wrote. it will teach you how to do this. its actually very easy

Wouldn’t that take a long time to load? I mean, I am only asking because I see all these sites load all of these long songs that would take 30 minutes if I did it, in less than 15 minutes. Hmm…anyway…thanks. :slight_smile:

read the article man, it explains how it works in there. your mp3 will be streaming, meaning it plays while it downloads :slight_smile: thats what all the sites you are talking about do. the song will start if not right away very shortly unless your on 56krap. try it you will be happy

Ah, thanks. Hey, quick question. Is there a way to set it up to where the music file will only play once. I mean, I don’t want the file to play repeatedly to where the user is annoyed, and that isn’t user friendly.

EDIT: Never mind. I figured it out. However, that user friendly issue has no arised again. This file is skipping as it loads, which is what I didn’t want. How do I fix this? I was thinking the offset could delay the file from starting for a bit, that way enough of the song is loaded for people to hear it without that god awful skip, but that didn’t work.

Here’s where it’s at:

Christopher William Coddington (Xzandar / cwcandromeda),
CWCONLINE Administrator/Webmaster

well your trying to load full mp3’s which im sure are at least 3 mg each, correct? how fast do you want it to load :slight_smile: on my internet connection i can stream pretty much anything i want without skipping, it all depends on your users bandwidth, but more importantly the size of the file tring to be streamed. maybe try cuttin the mp3 down or compresing it for better results

how would you compress it? The file is 2.98MB in size. I don’t mind, as long as it loads in less than 10 minutes, without any skipping for any dial-up connection, or higher.

Christopher William Coddington (Xzandar / cwcandromeda),
CWCONLINE Administrator/Webmaster

well you can save your mp3 at a lower quality, but you do realize that it woudl take a 56 k user about 15 mintues to download your song. that’s crazy, even for a dsl user, that still way to long, just to here sound on a website.

Okay. LOL! I’ll just put a notice that dial-up users should refresh the page to here it fully after it finishes the load.

Anyway, thanks for the help, man. :smiley:


Christopher William Coddington (Xzandar / cwcandromeda),
CWCONLINE Administrator/Webmaster

your welcome, and nice job :slight_smile: you have to understand that if a user is on a slow connection it is really hard to have audio run smoothly, especially if you want the quality like yours, but don’t worry dial up users are used to much mroe waiting than that.