Sound delay and weird sound behaviors, CS3 Bug? (Senocular help?)

Strange things are happening with Flash. I have a bunch of nodes that play sounds on an event; consequently, many sound fx are played consecutively.

However, I’m getting very odd behavior (I have a feeling it’s due to CS3’s garbage collector)

[]It seems as if only about 10 sounds can be played simultaneously. When more than 10 sounds try to play (like if 11 sounds try to play one after the other very fast), no new sounds are generated. This didn’t occur in Flash 8 because sounds behaved differently. Sound.start(0,0) was used in Flash 8, and,0) is used in CS3. These behave differently because start will always play be stopping the sound of the first sound in the queue. So if you had sounds A,B,C trying to play and the flash player at max could play 3 sounds, when sound D attempted to play you would hear B,C,D. Play just attempts to mix all of the tracks, so D doesn’t even play! Does anyone know a workaround? Or how to get sounds to START instead of PLAY? I hope I explained this well enough it’s not very easy for me to explain.
]Sometimes the sounds are delayed up to half a second! However, I don’t get this problem when I run the SWF in debug mode or when I open the executable![/LIST]-Danny