Sound EFX and preloader

i have a voice sound effect that i want to use in my preloader sequence. would anyone know how i’d be able to get the voice sequence to loop only once? the problem i’m having is that the preloader movie itself is a constant loop until the main movie has ended, and of course that causes my voice effect to loop continuously as well. any suggestions? thanx.

import the sound into a movie clip. set it to high quality stream then put a stop action when you want the sound to stop.

thanx Bishonen. i’m on it! do u know what your name means in Japanese?

my real name isnt bishonen its Edwin :slight_smile: . ore wa hinongo ga sukoshi wakarimasu. AIM: crazy flash pie

ya tane kawaii! by the way, thanx for your help it worked perfectly. watashi no namaewa Vikki desu : )

Dozo yoroshiku :slight_smile: contact me through AIM: crazy flash pie or MSN: [email protected]

ya tane Bishonen! i’ll be looking for you and i’ll hit your email.

It was fun chatting with you on AOL. :slight_smile: we’ll talk more when you get home