Sound in preloader

hi there,

i’m trying to put a sound clip in my preloader…since the preloader is only 3 frames long it always comes to that…the sound clip loops every 1.5 sec. which makes the whole thing anoying. (soundclip is about 9 sec. long)Is there a way to put soundclip on a different level…or smth, so it will flow fulently for those 9 sec.

And also…what do i have to do for the soundclip to download fully befor it actually statrs playing?



As the word says, a PREloader’s function is to have people waiting for the main content to download.
If you’re gonna put 9sec of sound (+animation?) in your preloader, people are gonna wait for the PREloader to download…which is really not what anybody’s prepared to do, and most visitors will just leave if it takes too long!
I know this doesn’t answer your question, still…

tnx, for the info…however i narrowed the soundclip down to 16kb + animation (aprox. 20kb - the whole preloader)…i don’t think this should be a problem (or am i wrong)

any helpfull replies are appreciated!


optimaly you’d like to have less than 10k load up before the preloader starts doing it’s work. Ultimately though it’s up to you. Take more time, potentialy sacrifice viewers. It’s the burden we all face.