Sound/Music Equalizer in Flash 5

Ya know, with those bars and peaks that scale according to bitrates and stuff?

I heard that you need to turn an mp3 file into swf and add some variables (heard about a program that does it automatically) and then “loadMovie” from another swf that “reads” the variables in the first swf… I don’t know… Something to do with streaming and timelines… It’s just too much for me!

Is there any easy way to do this???


please answer, thank you.

Since eyez posted the link for flashamp I’ve been trying to get a basic animation to sync with some music. I’m not having any luck so far. Would somebody mind having a look at my fla for me, I’ll mail it to them if ok?
Many thanks


Sorry EyzBerg… That program doesn’t fit my needs, it only scales objects by VOLUME, not bitrate channels…

To lobstar:

Read the User guide that comes with the program, it explains quite well what to do, if you’re having trouble just contact their tech support. They have an updated user guide in their site.

So Eyzberg, what I wanted is an EQUALIZER. Like the one that comes with WINAMP or other programs like that. Any help anyone???

I’ll contact tech support :slight_smile: then, and I’ve been reading the user guide for several hours now, thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Hey! My problem is not solved yet!
Aarrrgh! Here’s a thread I posted on the Flashkit forums but no one yet answered:

Can someone explain an easy way of making flashtraks?
Here’s what I know so far:

  • There are parent-child relationships between two swf’s in order to play a flashtraks:
  1. data.swf (the file that contains the sound and variables)
  2. player.swf (the file that contains the player that loads the data.swf, reads the variables and displays the equalizer)
  • You need a program that converts mp3’s to swf and adds variables that the player.swf reads later.

  • The data.swf contains Stop action in the first and last frame. I think in order so the file won’t play until it’s fully loaded by the player. Tough I don’t know why there’s a Stop in the last frame…

Can someone just post a fricking tutorial on how to create your own flashtrak?!?! All I see is explanations explanations but I won’t understand anything without a tutorial and an example .fla or something like that!!!

I want someone to post a .zip file that contains:

  1. An mp3 music file that can loop.
  2. A .fla file for the player.
  3. A .fla file for the flashtrak or a program that converts mp3 to swf and adds variables.
  4. A written tutorial in .html or .doc that explains step-by-step what to do!!!

If there’s any easier way to create the same effect flashtraks do, I’ll love to hear it!