Sound/Music Equalizer in Flash?

Ya know, with those bars and peaks that scale according to bitrates and stuff?\r\rHere are some sites that have this thing:\ (bottom left)\r[url=“”] (in the sound loops section)\r[url=“”] (bottom left)\r\rI heard that you need to turn an mp3 file into swf and add some variables (heard about a program that does it automatically) and then “loadMovie” from another swf that “reads” the variables in the first swf… I don’t know… Something to do with streaming and timelines… Flashkit has this thing but it’s just too complicated for me!\r\rIs there any easy way to do this???\r\rP.S.\rFlashAmp won’t help because it only scales objects in sync to VOLUME, not bitrates…\r\rThanks for any help!

Hey! What is wrong with you!!! Two days passed and no one even VIEWED this thread???

those aren’t done to the sound. They are created, to look like they are reacting to the music, however, they aren’t. They are just MovieClips made to scale at certain times. there was a couple posts on this all over the place, and the masters agree…

I already know that.\rBut you’re still not helping me…

ok well, I don’t knwo what you want to do. so how can i help you? and since no one here has replied yet, you can assume that either no one knows how to do it? or they just don’t want to help you! :slight_smile: j/k good luck, and if someone knows then they’ll help you.

I hope you get what you want… I’m lost on flashamp, never mind though :slight_smile:

Creative Flow looks like the real thing, easiest and only way to find out how it’s done would be to contact them directly!\rMost of these bars, as jubba said, are just masked tweens that play the same whatever the song is, but this one really seems to react to the sound…ask them!

I tried contacting already, no answer. Same thing with echo27.\r\rI just wish someone would post a zip file that contains an example mp3, an example fla, a program that does the conversion and a tutorial that explains step-by-step what to do.\r\rsigh\rMaybe I’ll try again sending them e-mails… Or contacting flashkit…

drop me ur e-mail and ill send u a .fla that contains the REAL thing… i have been searching the web for this aswell… i know a friend that did a real visual eq by using\radobe aftereffects and flash… but the one i got is only made in flash… and its so real u could get it.

Please send to [email protected]\r(after removing the nospam of course, and thx!)

You could open my EZboard profile and see my e-mail for yourself, but if you insist:\r\r[email protected]\r\rThanks!

ok i have now sent u both the files… b aware of the zipped file size is 3.9M… i dont know the limit for hotmail, but if u aint getting it its becouse of the size

It uses FlashAmp AND the data.swf technique from !\r\rSo the variables in the data.swf are the variables that FlashAmp generates! Oh god why didn’t I think of it???\r\rYou’re a genious! Or whoever made these .fla’s !!!\r\rTough a well written tutorial would still be nice… Hey try to show those files to Kirupa and maybe he’ll make a tutorial for it and put it on the site, so everyone can use it! No doubt he should put your name in the credits and highlight it!\r\rWould ya send me a player.fla which has the minimum settings?\rI just need 'bout 5 or 6 bars of amplitude and a possibility to change the track, nothing more!\r\rThanks A LOT!!!

Many people contacted me regarding this file.\rI saw a post somewhere where someone posted a download link to download those files but I couldn’t find it anymore…\r\rI uploaded the file to my own site at Angelfire.\r\…\r\rYou’ll have to enter this link while INSIDE an Angelfire website or else it won’t let you download it.

Hmm… So it appears download links ARE case sensitive!\r\rUse a big E in like this: …/files/ and it should work.