Sound object interfering with FLV player component

i have a sound object that i created with fade in and out functions. but when i use the fade out function i created called “stopSound” it seems to stop all sound so that when my FLV player goes to play the movie it has no sound but still plays the FLV.

Here’s my code. Can someone please help me figure out why calling this function is turning off the sound in my flv player instead of just the sound object “music” that i created.

stopSound = function() {
	_root.audiobtn.gotoAndStop ("Off");
	if (id) {
    var volume = music.getVolume();
    id = setInterval(fadeOut, 10);
    function fadeOut():Void {
        if (volume<=0) {
            lastPosition = Math.round(music.position/1000);
	soundStarted = false;