Sound player


i have a music player which takes variables from a php file. all things are working fine. but i wish to have one more thing to the player.

what is happening now in the current file is, it calles all the songs from the backend through the php to flash. while loading the page the first song plays. when the song is over it stops. now i would like to have the songs to play one after another.

i tried many ways but i could not succeed in that. can any one help me in this. i will give u the code what i have for the file. it is coded for one song to play. how can i make it keep playing one after another?

any help is greatly appriciated.

loadVarsGuestLinks = new LoadVars();
var yGutter = 0;
var yPos = 0;
var t=0;
//assign a function which fires when the data is loaded:
loadVarsGuestLinks.onLoad = function(success) {

var tStr=this.toString();
tArr=tStr.split("&",this.items * 2 );


var newMod=“post” add i;
newMod.titleText.autoSize = “left”;
tSongUrl = tArr[i*2].subString(tArr[i*2].indexOf("=")+1,tArr[i*2].length);
tTitleText = tArr[i*2+1].subString(tArr[i*2+1].indexOf("=")+1,tArr[i*2+1].length);
tSongUrl = unescape(tSongUrl);
tTitleText = unescape(tTitleText);
tTitleText = tTitleText.split("\r").join("");

set (“post” add i add “:tTitleText”, unescape(tTitleText));
set (“post” add i add “:songUrl”, unescape(tSongUrl));
if(i == 0){
yPos = yPos;
songTitle.titleText.htmlText = unescape(tArr[(i-1)*2+0].subString(tArr[(i-1)*2+0].indexOf("=")+1,tArr[(i-1)*2+0].length));
tHeight = newMod.titleText.textHeight;
yPos = yPos + tHeight + yGutter;
setProperty(newMod,_y, yPos );
songTitle._visible = false ;
_parent._parent.screen.playing.text = post1.tTitleText;
_global.isPlaying = post1.songUrl;