Sound problem 2

hello again.
ok, in response to the earlier post, we were able to figure out a way around it. in case anyone is curious, we did this:
-make a blank movie clip with 4 frames

  • frame one has stop action
  • frame 2 contains the script to load a random song
  • frame 3 contains code which makes 2 variables, one for the song length and one for the position. it loops until the position is eqaul to the duration, and then it goes to frame 2 to pick a new random song.
  • frame 4 goes back to frame 2 every time until the song is finished (this is the looping part)

so everything seems gold, except now when it runs, we get an error about ‘an actionscript is causing you’re computer to slow up. close it or not?’
essentially this means we’re screwed, because it effectivly kills the presentation. so, we’re still looking for another way around this predicament, if anyone has any ideas.
thanks for any help or suggestions,