Sound problems i can't solve by myself

Hi all

You people are my last hope.
In other Forums noone could help for some reason.

As i’m not a skilled Actionscript-Hero i have massive problems to solve my problems with sounds in my navigation.

I want to have on every site a different sound.
Home > home sound > About > about sound > etc.

But the sounds should fade in and out while they change the pages.
Everything i tried failed. It would be really really great if someone of you have a good idea.

One other problem is that i have a Rollover effect with a sound on it. It has to be on one specific keyframe. But when i press the next page button the sound from the effect appears and doesn’t stop.

If you like to take a look…
FLA (example mp3’s included)

Any help would be just amazing cause thats the last thing to do for my homepage
and i can’t go on

Jiggy :slight_smile: