Sound problems in mx2004 pro

I haven’t used flash in a while, and I’m sure my methods are far outdated, but it’s all I know right now without spending a lot of time reading tutorials and practicing. But, I’m short on time for this specific project. Can anyone here help me? I’m using Flash MX 2004 Pro on a Mac.

I’m building a virtual tour of 6 areas inside a business, and I have my main movie that loads 6 different segments via the navigation buttons. Each segment is an external swf, each with a voiceover. I need a volume slider in the main movie that controls the volume for any of the segments that are playing, but I can’t get it to work.

Now, I didn’t use actionscript to load the audio at first. I just dropped the audio in the timeline and timed out the slideshow to match the voice over. That worked in the segments, but the volume slider wouldn’t work, which makes sense I guess. Then I loaded the voice over tracks via actionscript, which seems it would be much easier to control the volume from the main movie that loads the segments. Well, the audio plays when I play the segment swf’s alone, but it doesn’t play when I play the main movie that loads the segments.

I’m totally confused at to what to do. Even if I fixed the actionscript method, I’m not sure how to time out the photo slideshow and make sure it syncs. I’m going to keep looking for answers online, but I wanted to ask in case someone here can help with either advice or specific tutorial links that I haven’t found.

I bit off more than I can chew with this project, so hopefully someone out there has some advice.