Soundclip licensing from movies?


I’m interested in making a half parody flash game of the movie 300. For that I’d like to use 30 seconds of sound from the trailer and about 1:30 minutes of sound clips from the movie.

The game would be an indie game, but I want to add ads to the loader, so it won’t exactly be a non-profit project.

I checked the licensing info and it says there, that it can only be known after I send them the info of what I want to do and it can’t be done via e-mail, so I would need to write them a real letter(so stone age…). Anyway It’s kind of troublesome cause I’m from Europe and was hoping if anyone here has some experience with that kind of stuff, cause if it’s like over $1000 it’s not really worth it.

So any idea’s of how much would it cost?