Space project

Please take a look at my new project and tell me what do you think about it.

i liked it the only thing i thought let the site down was the flatness of some of the planets, some of them looked 2d when as we all we all know planets are 3d.

not a fan of the full screen thing but the flash parts of the site were fine.

Brilliant coding. I didn’t catch a word of what it meant but it looked very appealing.

It is in my native language, project is about planet Earth and Solar sistem.

ma da slusaj to je najbolja stranica koju sam vidio u zadnjih 5 mjeseci ovde na kirupi…odlicno momci samo tako nastavite…bilo bi dobro da bude na engleskom isto…nemoj da ste ljeni :slight_smile:

Great site…I see a complete space out there is amazing…is there a way how u can animate the space even more…like add some small litlle sffects here and there and will be fine :slight_smile: also would be greta if u can add some sounds to the site…


Nice, but I couldn’t find a close window button. (But I can’t read it so maybe it’s there, who knows eh?)

Original though… and indeed some very cool scripting in there I imagine.

its ‘‘zatvori stranicu’’’ jesi corav lol

Oh, and I liked your footer, till I saw your site, You can do better than that!

I like the site, although it would look a lot better if it had a black background with stars behind it :slight_smile:


Jako mi je drago da vam se svidja site, kada bude gotov postati cu ga sigurno.

I’m very glad that you people liked my site, it is only the begining soon Iwill add sounds and some more cool stuff.


Jedno pitanje za kolegu koji razumije moj jezik.
Odkuda si ? :thumb:

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