Another Home

sorry for the big file but i did compress a bit didnt want to compress to much cos of quality.

any ways i would like some feed back on this.

thanks guys


That’s pretty amazing. The Earth (?) looks incredible. Great work.

thanks man.

its not ment to be our earth but another one… hence the name :wink:

oh yeah and ive just finished the basics on my site so if any of you guys wanna comment on that as well heres the link

just saves me making 2 topics at the same time.

thanks ppl laters!

RE: another home… very nice. The stars are a bit too bright over all. IE too many of them are shining like theyre next door, fade ALOT of them out and I think it would look a lot better… maybe even add more at extreamly low opacity.


Nice image Faith… I agree with ryall, were as the stars may be just a tad to bright, and a bit too clear… but it is definately a good concept… How long did it take you to make that…? what did you use…?
I visited the website, and riffled thru your gallery… why no images from DA?
you should put those on there…
nice site tho… quick download…

awesome work, wouldnt mind seeing a tutorial on it;)

Too many stars.

Everything else… great! :thumb:

That looks awesome!

One thing (other then the stars)- try making the planet a little less textured. From space, I doubt that you would be able to see that much texture on land, and I doubt there would be that much texture (not that i would know :sigh: )

Looks great though :thumb:

im haveing problems uploading my stuff onto DA problems that includeing it not working :frowning: so its like some goes on my site some on DA when it works :frowning:

thanks for the comments people i will try and make use of them for hte next piece i do.

thanks guys.

the glow on the planet is too intense and the stars look too simple, imo. I don’t like the colour scheme or the fonts on the site either. :stuck_out_tongue: sorry to be negative!