Spamming Back

Is there a site where you can post e-mail addresses for submission to spam bots? I recently had several (50 or so) “people” sign up to my forum, all bots with their e-mails at the same domain. It kind of pisses me off, is there any way to retaliate against them? Or like have a site where it will go through all of the possible combinations at a domain like [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] all the way through [email protected] etc. So that the spam bots will pick them all up?

[email protected]
* (you get the picture)

ban that domain. there’s some feature in phpbb, ibs, and vb that you can disable some domains + usernames to. really neat. try it =)

Where’s that feature? Like what section of the admin panel?
(I already deleted the users from the mysql database)

Which bulletin board are you using?

is there a way you can find the site so I can get all the spam :P, and yeah, are they all from the same ip?

No, I think the IPs were different but I’m not sure, I didn’t check.

I’m using PHPBB.

for phpbb, go to admin panel, ban control (4th from bottom), ban 1 or more email addresses. Type * and they’ll never come again! =)

Ok thanks, will do =)