Specs for new PC

Alright I’ve just been hired onto a new in house job. They have no equipment and we’re buying everything fresh. Going to be doing graphics and web design on this new PC.

I’m new to all the jargon and really don’t follow it well and need some input.

Can anyone put me into the right direction(s) of what would be a good PC for doing medium to large graphics? Maybe a lead on what all the specs do, Mghz, GB, RAM how they interact with each other and what’s best for what i need.

Also a lead to a well priced ($1200-1500) PC, well rounded, that is known for it’s speed and ease that is purchase ready. I’ve looked into eMachines and actually use one now and they seem to be very reasonably priced for what you get. Any brands to avoid?

Thanks everyone. I’m welcoming myself to the crazy world of PC jargon.