Spinning Circular Thingy :P

Hey! long time since i posted a thread, i was wondering how i get a shape to rotate from a centre point.
I have a spikey circle and i want it to spin, so it looks like its going round around and round and round. Any ideas? i think i need put registration point in middle of the object but dont know how to animate it.

Thanks :kommie:

Put the registration point in the middle as you said, then click on the frame with your object, pull it across and make a motion tween. In the properties box you should see an option to rotate the clip.

Or you can do it with AS:

this._rotation = _this.rotation + 1;

What do you mean “pull it across”?

Click on the first frame in your timeline, then click it again and drag it across so it fills up say frame 1 to 20, then click on last frame, then right-click->convert to keyframe
Select all the frames and then insert motion tween.

Ok thanks :smiley: