Spinning menu with background (actionscript or tweening?)

how do I achieve this effect in flash6 with actionscript? do you have to tween to get the effect of the pictures moving in the background? to see the effect, go to:

then choose the flash site (duh), click enter (double duh),
then go to the photos section.

I know you can probably do it with a movie and setting a variable to 0 or 1 depending on the mouse position and make the movie advance to the next or previous frame depending on the value. that’s the easy way (I think). is there a way to do it without the tween?? I gotta know! thanks!:q:

Sorry for posting nothing helpfull, but I got to say that:

I´ve seen this before, but I gotta say tha this is a [email protected]$$ effect!

I doubt that this is made with tweens. This is pure AS for sure. I really want to know that too.

anyone, anyone??? I really need to know how to produce this with just as. the file size, if I have to tween will be too large and I’m sure it can be done. HELP!! PLEASE!!

Sorry to not be of helpful assistance tutorial wise, but there is an open source file of a menu exactly like that at www.levitated.net (love that site).


that was super helpful!!! thank a mil. this seems to be where the designer got the engine for his version as well. dunno what i’d have done without ya!:beam:

Eh, someone else probably would have given you the same link :slight_smile:

I am glad I could help though.


Yeahh lib Rox!!!:beam: :beam: :beam:

LOL, I just posted a link :slight_smile:

ahhhhh, oh well…

You know that is not just for the link, don´t be modest.:slight_smile:

By the way, your footer is awesome, not the effect only, but the pick an treatment of the images was perfect! Very bealtyfull! I would say that is a work of art, by far the best around here.

Thanks =)

My footer is just 3 .png images that I did in Photoshop. And some Easing effects. It is very simple.

It is funny how I made my footer a long time ago, but then like last week someone showed me this site called http://www.ferryhalim.com/orisinal/ and they have stuff sorta like that in their games, but orsinal is way better, Ferry Halim is one talented Flasher :o

beta … how do you find so much cool stuff !!!

seriously LIB…

where do you find the time in between your 31.52 posts a day?

LOL :stuck_out_tongue:


The Orsinal site was posted by someone else here asking how they did some things.

I have never heard of it until then, but it kinda makes my footer look like a copy from there :-\

Either way, I am proud of my footer, so I am keeping it, I made it before I saw that site :evil:

Finding the time between my posts… hmmmm, I find a lot of time to do things between posts.

I post it quick bursts. I do stuff, come online, reply to as many threads as I can help, leave, do stuff, come back and reply again.

Having a cable modem definitely helps with the speed.