Splitstring in mysql select statement

ok, im having a little issue putting together a select statement.

What im tryng to do is pull one field, and also any extras if they are in this fields ‘sub’ column.

so that when i open a page, it also pulls the name of any sub pages that may be contained.

kinda hard to explain.

tablename = sections

id | name | sub | body text | date … etc whatever.

1 | home | 3,4
2 | contact | 1
3 | stats | 1
4 | sales | 2

ok, so say i want to open the ‘home’ page, i want to also pull anything in the ‘sub’ field, so i will also be pulling the ‘stats’ and ‘sales’ page so that i may build a sub menu on the ‘home’ page of these items.

Thats about as well as i can explain it.

im looking at this page: http://forums.mysql.com/read.php?60,78776,78776
but it’s not really sinking in:D