SQL extract part of string

hi. got an image on a db site (php, mysql), . When you click on the image, I want it to open the bigger image… the image in the database is called, i.e. THUMB_H_087_image5_JUO.jpg. that displays correctly. now… I want to open the bigger one, that’s called H_087_image5_JUO.jpg. (without the THUMB_)… it’s NOT saved in a field in the DB… but it’s saved on the server.

How do I call mysql so that it will exlcude the “THUMB_” from the string…

pheww. this is difficult to explain… here’s my code for the image:

<a href="http://www.iwondata.net/RSA/HNBS/WhiteBoard/image_display/<?php echo  $rowsres['webid']; ?>/<?php echo $rowsres['image2']; ?>"   target="_blank"  ><img src="http://www.iwondata.net/RSA/HNBS/WhiteBoard/image_display/<?php echo  $rowsres['webid']; ?>/<?php echo $rowsres['image2']; ?>" border="0"  width="150" alt="Open Image" /></a>

So… you see… the code in the a href’s

<?php echo $rowsres['image2']; ?>

needs NOT to have the THUMB_ (but image2 in the DB HAS got it…

Pls let me know if SOMEBODY understands what I’m trying to get here…

much appreciated.