Spoilers for Bourne Supremacy


Anyone seen or heard of what happens to Franka Potente’s character in the sequel? I was just wondering if she gets killed. I think the trailers have made me believe she dies.

If she does I don’t want to see the movie. That would kind of make the first movie obsolete don’tyou think?

Just my thoughts, I have never read the books.


I was thinking of heading over to the B&N during lunch today to start reading the books. I like to think of it as my own personal library.

offtopic. I too love B&N. They have a Starbucks in mine so I go there for hours at a time and drink coffee and read all the books I want. Big comfy chairs to.

So the chairs are set up in fours in a cross shape around a coffee table. I sat down at one and across from me was a woman in her thirties. I don’t think we made eye contact or said hello. I jsut sat down and did my reading. She did hers. I looked at her a few times, just to observe. I like observing people. Then after an hour or so she starts putting her stuff together and gets up and leaves. As she walks past me she says in sort of a library whisper “See you later.” She said it in such a way, like we were old friends and she really would see me later. Was a very odd experience.

Ok, back to the Movie. I really want to see it. I liked the first one.

ethan: I’d lvoe to have something like that here in my town… all we have is a typical lib, with screaming kids running all over the place… usually in the kiddie section (but they have garfield there, so I’m there too :sure: )

I was gonna see Bourne Supremacy last night at a 12:01 showing. Not that I’m a huge, huge fan or anything, but the wife and I though’d it’d be fun. She ended up taking a nap so she wouldn’t be too tired and never got back up! :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe we’ll see it tonight.