Hello, my name is Ben Grangereau and I’m enterring the site of the week contest. I’ve been working on my website for a while now, and it’s finally online. I tried to make an original interface (all in flash of course…:slight_smile: ) yet that is still easy to use and not confusing.\rAnyway, tell me what you think, I’ll appreciate any comments. Thanks\rURL\r<a href = “http://spyglass.4t.com”>spyglass.4t.com</a>\rE-Mail\r [email][email protected][/email]

Ben,\r\rI liked your site. You have a good grasp of gestault.\r\rI wish I had your talent at 17! Good work.\r\r(Some of your links are missing.)\r\r~kwi

Thanks for the compliments…\rFor the broken links, the site is still under major construction; the links work now though, but the french version isn’t up yet.\rLater,\rBen