Spyware and trojans

what do you guys use to rid your computer of spyware and trojans?

SpyBot Search and Destory - Spyware
AVG - Trojans

or just take the backup and format the MF :stuck_out_tongue:

Read this article:


i use hijack this, it rocks.

I use AdAware :slight_smile:

Spybot Search and Destroy
Pest Patrol
Spyware Guard (runs in real time)

That combination and you will be virtually worry free.

I thought Norton 2002 could take of Viruses and Trojans as well. Am I wrong?




I have had neither in my computer.

it will take care of most viruses and trojans…

but that is not the same thing as “Spyware” go to the link I posted above for clarification.

lol, Haven’t seen that one… Let’s hope none of us get that!

-Kenshin :wink:

The few times I’ve had spyware I’ve gotten rid of it by editing the registry.

But I generally try not to get it on the machine in the first place by being careful about what programs I run on my computer.