Spyware wont't go away

My work computer has spyware on it that I can’t get off. I have tried spybot, checked to make sure nothing suspicious is starting up with the pc, and cleaned out any application that might be causing spyware to install. None of this works and I am getting pissed off. Anyone have any ideas?



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um, ad-aware is a great little tool, for me anyways. finds an crapload of stuff i never knew existed!

Tried ad-aware and it didn’t work

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Nah, I would be fired real quick.

Have you tried windows defender


Windows Defender doesn’t work for me… It only removed 5% of the crap i need to remove

hmmm…have you tried manually locating the files and removing them? i don’t really like anti-virus apps because they’re slow. i usually kill them manually.

Download hijackthis and post a log;)

Alright thanks, I’m still working on it.