SSI doesn't show!

Hi all talented people out there,
I am trying to include some text with SSI in Dreamweaver. However the text doesn’t show.
I made a file, news.html in which I include newstxt.html inside a table. If I preview news.html in IE through DW(pressing F12) the text shows up but when I upload it to the server nothing shows. it does show in the source as <!–#include file=“newstxt.html” --> however.
I use pop-up windows in the site so news.html is called from a button which opens a chromeless window(news.html). It only opens an empty window.
I have checked that my server supports SSI and it shouldn’t be a problem.
Can someone help Please!!!

Did you ever get them to show? Apparently the only pages I can get chromeless windows to show are htm/html pages, asp and SSI don’t work.

I only read this now, have been away for a while. No, eventually I ended with an altogehther different solution if I remember right… The page(of the pop-up window) itself was html though, I wanted to include the text through SSI.