Stage problem

Hi guys,

I am new to using Flash. I tried using it years ago (pre CS) and found it extremely hard to use but I thought I would give it another shot as I am wanting to create my own cartoon.

To cut to the chase, it is a simple stage problem that is bothering me. I am working on setting up a loungeroom for the cartoon and I have a couch and wallpaper. The problem lies in the wallpaper size. I have made it bigger than the stage (because there will be an episode where the wallpaper/objects shake vertically to simulate an earthquake).

The trouble is that because the wallpaper is bigger than the stage I cannot see the stage. The stage has no outline and if i’m not mistaken there is no way to enable an outline. The reason I need to see the stage is so that I know how close the objects are to the edge of the stage.

So what would be the best solution here keeping in mind that I have to keep the wallpaper at that size?

Thank you all for your time.