Star Sixty Nine - Systems at 90%

Here’s a website for a band here in Florida.
It’s got some tweaking yet - it hasn’t been transferred over to their server.
So there are a few minor inconsistencies with functionality and layout.

Just thought I would share it with you all. A lot based off a look the client was after. They thought it rocked.


I moved this because after 65 views, I only had about 5 comments. I knew I should have left it with my peeps in D&D.

Here are the main comments I have received so far.
didn’t you post this original layout idea some time ago? I swear I saw it before. The animations are ok, but the framerate needs some boosting to 24+. It’s really choppy and quick. Adding in some frames to all the animations wouldn’t hurt either.

Graphically it’s ok, but it’s not very clean. I think the site is a great start, good transitions, but needs some work to tweak it up. I would also recommend labeling the navigation somehow.

I like the buttons, but that green doesn’t really fit IMO

My reply so far:
thanks guys :slight_smile:

frame rate is 31 right now-which animations were choppy for you? pre-loaders? - the sun animation on the home page is supposed to look a little sluggish - to give it that molten sun look…please let me know…solar system was a little jerky on my system at work today…

also on the buttons, i’ve got the text on the upper right - was it hard to read?

originally i was going to have some kind of glow/label for the buttons-but to keep the trendy/retro sci fi deal i opted for the “tv style” labels.

a version of the layout was posted in D&D a little bit ago - this was the fruition.

Thank you all for taking a look - tweaking yes - plenty of that left. Keep them coming!

well - they finally gave me all of the “new” information/music - will have this site done by the end of the month - whew - monkey off my back.

I think you could make the splash page enter font a little better and blend into the screen a little more.

But when you enter the interface looks schweet :thumb:!