Oniros Galaxy

:eye: there ! ONIROS GALAXY is the project i’m working on…always looking for testers and why not, sites submitters.

any advise is warmly welcome.

i wish you a nice moment…if not…sorry.:cyclops:

First off I would like to welcome you to the forum, I hope you’ll enjoy your time here and hopefully stick around. =)

As for your site, I thought it’s pretty good, one of the better ones I’ve seen lately here, but I’m sure you came here for critiques so I’ll try my best to give you some useful comments. Here are the things I noticed:

  1. Your layout is very well laid out and your text is crisp, what I would probably like to see more is maybe a tad bit more color just to balance out the color you have concentrated all on the right side of your site.

  2. The other problem I saw was some of the colored graphics are a bit pixelated so you might want to bump up the quality.

Other than those 2 things, I think you’re off to a great start. Good job. =)

thanx ! you are ■■■■ right about the images…your are kind with “a bit pixelated”…the color will come…soon…don’t wanna rush in in fact.

have a good day and “see” you soon

nobody else ?

I think the site is well done. Not sure of the point of it though…:elderly:

Cool animations and neat-o effect. I dig the pixel work too. Very
well done, although a bit trendy now.

You 100% need more color:
I usually like the monochrome look with most sites, but I have to
admit I wasn’t too keen on yours. There is really no color
whatsoever [???] except for the links to other people’s sites.

This isn’t so good since you’d like people to stay on yours awhile,
isn’t it? I was immediately attracted to those links on the right
because they were brightly colored in direct contrast with your
site. I know you said it would come, but I’d seriously consider
adding some color sooner than later.

I really can’t find too much else that I’d like to see different. I
think it’s nicely done, and pretty creative too. Good job! =)

Good luck with it.