StarFox Shooter Questions

I’m working on a StarFox side-scrolling shooter in MX. I need instructions for the coding of the following features:

|Character Has Lives

|Arwing (ship) Takes Damage

  • Explodes After All HP is Lost

|Arwing Cannot Leave the Screen

|Arwing Can Perform Special Moves

  • A Barrel Roll That Will Deflect Enemy Lasers

|Game Timer



  • Regain HP
  • More Weapons

|A Boss at the End of Each Level

  • Boss Has a Health Meter
  • Goes to Next Level After Boss is Defeated

If you are directly explaining, please be very descriptive as I am a graphics producer, not an ActionScript. Any help on any of these elements would be greatly appreaciated. Thanks.

If you want the .fla , contact me on AOL Instant Messenger at HondaFoo2002 or on MSN Messenger at [email protected]

It sounds like you are attempting something much harder than your abilities. That’s basically the whole inner workings of the game you are looking for. I mean, how can you call it your own game even if there is so much stuff you need others to do? My advice: Try to start on a less advanced game and work your way up. Also, you can start by doing some searching on the forums. There are a lot of things baout score and such with games.


I’m not THAT bad at ActionScript, I’ve been on Flash for almost 2 years now. Maybe that’s not a lot compared to you, but it’s plenty.

There’s this thing called credits. By myself appreaciating help, I mean that I will add you and your site (if you have one) into the credits, which will be accessable at the beginning. It wouldn’t be right if I took all the credit, and I wasn’t planning on it.

Besides, I’ve already done the simple games. I always aim higher than my abilities to learn better.

Well, what exactly have you done so far?

pom :asian:

Just a very basic game. As basic in terms of features as you can get before absolutely nothing. I’ll prolly just start from scratch to correctly enter all the coding.

May I suggest a book for you? Flash game design demystified by Jobe Makar should help you to structure your code, even though there’s no specific example of shoot them up.

And did you try to find info on the usual sites, gamasutra and such?

pom :cowboy:

Hey, thanks. What other sites do you think would be a good resource?

Well, I only know the 2 biggest:

Good luck :slight_smile:

pom :cowboy: