Stars at 3ds max

I want to put stars at the back in 3ds max, but not for an image, for a movie. How can i? If i put a plane and apply in material editor, they become strecthed and pixeled, can anyone help me?

I think there’san option called “tiling” or “tiles” or sth in the material editor… (1 for x, 1 for y) change the number there (I believ it’s 1) to a bigger one…

Ok, but for a movie? I mean if camera rotates it sees the end of the plane, i want everywhere to be starred.

use a particle generator… and make the particles self iluminated… that should make a cool effect :slight_smile:

ok i’ll try

you could also make a biig sphere, flip its normals and add the material to the sphere. (all the action takes place inside the sphere of course)

Depending on the type of effects your going for Syko’s idea will be ALOT easier… nice imput dude… the only plus w/ mine is it will literally be 3d and you can fly in and out of them… ya know?

or just use environment mapping (set to spherical) as the background for the scene.

or another way would be to use the video post starfield! (-:

kei, right on!

Use the video post editor, add a starfield, voila.

Easy as pie… :wink:

hypervoxels…is the way I’d go.

*Originally posted by DDD *
**hypervoxels…is the way I’d go. **

that’d be lightwave though right?

doh…did not read the title…i would be sorry at this point…carry on…are these going to be animated?

the sphere is one way, but i think post production work would be the easiest.

yeah like some of the others have said, video effects starfield is definitely the best and probably easiest way to go… It just looks good…


I disagree that the post filter looks good. Just as simple to use bitmap with sperichal, this way you can have reflections, refractions and render to seperate layer if necessary.

max 5 file:

scene render (under 1mb Quicktime)

hope this helps

kool rb.
.mov looks good. :wink:

there is never one way to do it, and both methods suggested can bring out good results.

since ratbaggy has layed it out on a plate for you, go with that :stuck_out_tongue: