Start up

sup every 1
i have a ?..

when the computer starts/boots up, almost every program boots up and kinda runs on the background at the same time ( like real player,quick time stuff, etc) and eats up my comps memory and system resources.

now if i go to start/run/msconfig/startup i can costumize the start up so that only the things ive selected can load up when the comp starts but my problem is that when i do it that way, if i try to open up lets say photoshop it freezes and wont start. i dont want everything to be running at the same time so is there another way to customize the start up and or do you thing i just need more memory. i currently have 192 megs and bout 10 to 12 gigs left

thank you aku

What all are you running?

I personaly wasn’t happy with my comp until I got about 256 megs of ram… but it’s very personal depending upon the system and what it’s running

Also, what version of Windows are you running?

windows me