Starting Flash cartoon Series! Need people

Overview of plot: Modern times. Run down city. The main character is a 13 year old boy. His parents were vampires but were killed when he was only 5 by some sort of demonic creatures. He has spent every day since then training to kill whoever killed his parents. He starts getting some leads around when he is 13, where the episodes start. I have the first episode thought out in my head, putting it to paper slowly. the main characters face is drawn. sort of anime looking.

He will have powers such as great strength, jumping very high and long distances, Celerity (great speed), and some minor telekinesis (moving inanimate objects mainly)

The backgrounds will be pictures done with Photoshop or similar programs. the character design will be sketched on paper, and thrown into flash, traced then colored. body parts will be separated ect. each scene will be well thought out and I will do my best to make sure that every ingredient is available before the pizza is put in the oven (ya corny figure of speech but you get the point.)

basically looking for flash animators
concept artists
Photoshop (or any good program like that) artists (mainly for backgrounds. different views ect.
and definitely voice actors.

I will try to piece the team together and maybe get a webpage going after a bit of planning.

Obviously there will be no pay at first, but who is to say we wont get sponsored? Look what happened to Ninjai (.com) they started out 2 or so years ago for fun and it exploded.

If you are interested or know someone who is, My email is [email protected] :tie:

I don’t know if you’ll find many people with the time and ability for this, but Raydred was looking for some voice acting to do at this thread:

I’ll definitely be interesting in seeing anything you make. Alas… too busy is right for me. I’ve got no time. I do think you might find some takers though. There are always people around looking for ways of using their tallents towards the advancement of vampire stories.
Personaly I’m tired of them. Did whitewolf roleplaying for years and have had it with the vamp segment of that world.

I have two stories that are sort of prepped for production myself… but I never seem to have time to do that sort of thing. :slight_smile: