Static vs Dynamic text in clips

While giving motion to dynamic text blocks and static text blocks (converted to movie clips) I noticed that the dynamic text block’s text is much darker and bolder than the static text block’s text. Why does this happen?

Currently loading movies of various text (with menu buttons) into empty movie clips i.e., “who we are”, “what we do”, etc. Some need to scroll (dynamic text blocks) others don’t as their text “fits” within my viewing area. Everything works well, it’s just that they look different…

Static text is a graphical version, complete with anti-aliasing. This smooths out the edges of the text, making it seem a little blurry perhaps. On the other side, dynamic text has none of the arty features attached to it, so it will in contrast, appear to be sharper and darker.

This is why a lot of people who run a Flash based site use dynamic text to display general copy, even though it does not neccessarily have any dynamic usage.

Thanks! I had already begun to convert the static text to dynamic text but just needed to understand why in the world that was happening :slight_smile: