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I’m trying to work out how to create a code that will execute an object being able to be dragged along a motion path but allowing for the random paths one might choose within it i.e…a gearbox and you might move from 6th to 4th gear and back again.

goodbye to this forum , it has been of no use to me - i hope it’s more helpful to others.

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One possible solution ( assuming the gearbox scenario) would be to determine the direction the clip was being dragged - by referencing the rate of change of the _y and _x, choose the intended path and force the mc to constrain to that path.

In the case of a simple manual gearbox, if you constrain the players to making “normal” driving moves (i.e. don’t allow them to change from 2nd to 4th without proceeding through 3rd)
then you should be able to determine their intentions by looking at the direction they are dragging.

If you’re using straight lines with considerable divergence you can constrain to a line by specifying rate of cange of _y as a simple ratio of _x without using sin, cos, tan.

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**goodbye to this forum , it has been of no use to me - i hope it’s more helpful to others.
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Well at this time I have one way to do it but it doesn’t involve much actionscript but more to do with frame labels. You can make a layer with the gear clip and separate the timeline into separate frame labels like ‘first_to_second’, ‘second_to_third’, ‘third_to_forth’ and so on. This is the long way to do it and it is hard to do in actionscript because you can’t tell flash to make an object to connect to a motion path with a script (at least none that I have seen) so unless you want to send me the .fla of the gears than maybe I can work out some script for it but if not then you are gonna have to stick with the frame labels.

P.S. Please be more patient with the people trying to help in the forum. Most of us have jobs and some even families so we are very busy but eventually we will get to helping you and if not you are free to e-mail me whenever you have any questions. We all hope you come back here and post again!

Dan, of course I appreciate all you are saying so I apologise for my lack of patience. I was in a real panic because I am without a job and have three kids to support so with this flash trial version and only ten days left I’m trying to complete a project that might just earn me some money. You probably did me a favour because in the end I was forced to work it out by myself :slight_smile:
Now I have more things I can’t work out but I’m not very good at relying on others without becoming annoyed with myself and them. So from now on I’m just going to rely on myself - that way I won’t be offending anyone.
Thanks alot for your messages.