Still not getting Mask to work well for me

Well, must be something I am not doing properly. This small Header I am making in MX still doesnt want to work properly, was wondering if there is a good tutorial somewhere about Mask that maybe I could fix this problem with. Problem is, during the Header the first Mask plays perfectly, but the second Mask doesnt seem to work at all. If I preview within MX it looks like it works properly, but then when I try to view in IE or any other browser does not work the way it should.

Show me the money.

pom 0]

Well after messing with it long enough, I finally figured out what my problem was. Just stupidity on my part, kind of glad I was able to figure it out as well. Now I am messing with trying to Build an entire Website in MX. Hopefully that wont take me as long to figure out.