Still problems with sending email with PHP

What I want to do is to extend the form and add more fields to the form. I did try a couple of times to change the flash and PHP file but I guess my knowledge of PHP is too limited. All I want to do is to add more textfields to the flash file and than change up the PHP file so it would send me the text from the added input fields. Something like message2, message3 and so on. I will do more PHP tutorials for beginners but for now my time is limited bacause of the good old dead line which is hunting me in my dreams. I’m pretty desparate as I tried to set it up myself for about four days with no success so any help would be much appreciated. Here is a link to my slightly changed fla file(It’s also attached). The PHP file is still the original appart from the email address as I messed up the one I edited.


Thanks in advanced kai…