Still the mask thing

hi … me again …

still have figuring out how to make these mask transitions between loaded movies.

i found this .fla check here
posted by Soulty … it is pretty similar to the effect i want to create …

only thing is … the transition between each movie is the same …
i want the transition between each movie to different mask


movie 1 is current loaded movie …
on press button3, for instance, i want mask to fade out current loaded movie, then new mask for fading in movie3

hope this isn’t abracadabra and that someon can help me out.


lol, didnt notice you made a thread already , so disregard my last email to you :stuck_out_tongue:

::: first i have to say that i cant take all the credit for that fla, It was originally made by Dave and i edited the coding here and there. With that said, now to your question. Which i will help you out 2morrow, iam too tied right now, its 4:30 am here. ill be on tomorrow to help you out. Actually make that in about 5-6 hours, lol.

sorry about that dude


thnx dude …
haven’t read the mail yet …
really hope you can help me out

again … thnx in advance

Hey dude , sorry about last night, i was too tied to even look at flash :crazy:

Ok first i should say that i have found that you could us functions to greatly simplify this task, though i havent got my head around functions yet, check this link out if you want

I made another fla, well its basically a edited version of the other the one you have checked out. iam guessing you only want one type of fade out right? make your life easier.

What i have done is I have added a variable on each button called “intro” numbered based on there order eg… button 1 would be _root.intro=1.

this variable will be used in the curtain MC .

Now in the curtain Mc i have added some frame labels.
Ok, now basically i made three section, each with its own frame label, ( open , open 2, open 3) , Which all have the same code previously used on the old fla.

frame 1
if (loadContent == 1) {
loadMovie(“content1.swf”, “_root.content”);
if (loadContent == 2) {
loadMovie(“content2.swf”, “_root.content”);
if (loadContent == 3) {
loadMovie(“content3.swf”, “_root.content”);

frame 2

if (_root.contentLoaded == true) {

frame 3

i also added 3 other labels (depends on how many buttons you use, these determain your intro sections) these labels are called Aone , Atwo, Athree, these are so i could make a IF statement which i can point to these labels while still using the same code from before.

if (_root.intro == 1) {
if (_root.intro == 2) {
if (_root.intro == 3) {

Ok what this does is when a button is selected it tell the variable to change to that number,say we select button 1, so now intro=1, now it runs to curtain Mc to animate the doors close, then it reaches the above code and ask flash , what is the variable intro? we made it 1 by clicking on button 1, now it says go to and play the frame label Aone, now at Aone frame label we have the three actions that was used on the old fla, which uses another if statment to see which movie to load, then checks if the external movie is loaded , then tells it to play a frame label “open”.

Hope this helps. look at the fla closely, its pretty simple and pretty much like the older fla , just which some new labels and actions.

Good luck :beam:


wow dude … muchos gracias !! :slight_smile:

you really helped me out a great deal there,
only thing … i’m still wondering how i would
get it to work with different transitions on
“masking out” a movie …

cause … in your example too i would still have the same transition
when i “mask out” the current loaded movie …

hell … mebbe i’m being in over my head :slight_smile:
(still, i think it would really give a very nice effect)

enniewee … thnx again dude …


no probs dude, if you want to mask out differently for each movie then check out the functions tutorial, thats has its own transitions open and closing, by the way calling is mask is kinda confusing, though masking is used while animating the doors , you will not always have a mask in this effect , you could simply have a fade in and fade out so best to call it opening and closing transitions.

Your not being in over your head :slight_smile:
if the functions tutorial dosent help you could always make another variable and use the same theory as i used for the opening animation for the closing part. Trial and error mate, thats all there is to it.

Best of luck


hej …

the functions tutorial you’re talking about is in Kirupa tutorial section ?

nope talking about the link i gave you before

this one

ok … thnx again Soulty

hay i think i am trying to get a simil affect to you, only i want the buttons that start the open close transitions to be in another movie???

dont suppose you could help?


dnt know what you mean playtart. :-\

but no help at all,

and it that post wasn’t for you, it was for the guy how started the thread???

if you read the post , he is refering to my fla and ive been helping him, if you don’t want my help, then i will simply not try. If you want to direct a message to someone write there name in first!!

i’m also having a hard time figuring out what u want …

playtart … mebbe u can give some more details on the effect u want to make … or mebbe even post an .fla

i would be glad to help you out …

sorry i did not mean to sound like a ****

i just thought that x.vector was more likely to be on the same kind of level as myself and maybe exp some of the frust that i have.

i have poseted the files on another thread,
i have a movie that loads different content files and they have transistions intro and outro. the content is loaded and controlled with three butt on the main time line.

i want to move the buttons to a new fla and load the trans movie onto this new fla and still have controll with the buttons???