STIXO Revised: Ok, we’re joining up with and there is a high chance money will be involved in a month. Whatever you can do contact me [email protected] there. There will eventually become deadlines, we’re looking especially for ARTSTS and ANIMATORS if you can do that stuff that’d be awesome. Also, if you plan to join us you need to have a paypal account by July 29th, a month from yesterday.

Right now I’m trying to get everything in order, that means getting all the artists and programmers organized, possibly every artist will be assigned to one or two programmers of thier choice, or maybe the programmers will choose depending on thier skill. All for now.

P.S. The amount of money you will get will depend on how much money will be gained. So let’s say there’s 5 people, and there is $500, 500/5 = your pay, is what I’m told from the guys at, which means if we do well we get more money, if not we get less.

Actually, another revision, there will be pure animations as well, so that’s even more of a reason to join if your an animator.