Stock Car Game

Hello Guys!
Even though I’ve already been visiting Kirupa for a long time, this is actually my first post here. I have done some animations in Flash before, but that was my first try doing a game and using MX2004.

Just as a test, I’ve decided to make a race game, based in a Brazillian Stock Car Championship, that is kind of popular here. After a research in the forums and through the net, I’ve managed to do something. However, I’ve had some problems that I would like to solve before trying to make an 2005 season version. :crying:

First of all, I would like to know why my imported pictures got “pixelated”, since that has never happened in Flash 5 before. And besides that, I’d like to know why some texts (like “Stock Car Brasil 2004 ©” at the bottom of the screen) are displayed this way, that can be selected, and not just as a simple picture as they used to be.

Besides that, I’m posting the source game together (well, at least I tried) to ask you some help with some improvement that you could recommend me… For example, I couldn’t manage to make the speedometer spin more than 180 degrees, and it’s based not actually on the speed of the car, it’s based on keypress. I just need some help with the source code…

Well, that’s all, I’m waiting for some nice people answer my doubts!! Here is the game link, if you wish to see it:

P.S.: Sorry for the english mistakes that could eventually appear here, since I’m not a native speaker… :smiley: