Stock-Photo sites

Ok, here’s the deal.
What does every designer need now and then?
That’s right - stock-photos.
And what’s the best place to get those (not to be confused with the place to get the best) ?
Right again - free stock-photo sites.

So come on people, gimme your best free stock-photo resources. <- here’s the one I always use

This will do more good in Drawing and Design than Kool Sites :smiley:

la la la la la

check the useful resources thread stickied at the top of the forum… theres a whole category of stock photo sites :slight_smile: <- here’s the one I always use

that’s about it - what else do you need ??? it’s got to be the best out there…

sorry, didn’t even notice the drawing forum :wink:

i use but thats because my school gives out free accounts that last about 6 months. If you go to school for design, your school might do this too, check it out.

I’m going to lock this thread since there are a whole lot of good stock photo links here: