I often need Stockphotos and I think that is a think which is not in the pinned Drawing and Design Tread with all the tuts…

Please post your Stockphoto Resources here……man, i can’t remember it but its the best one! sorry:(

that’s it!

that one is really good… tx

yeah, i like the one…but…they don’t really update it much. the is updated quite a bit i think. and very BIG quality images. I try not to use stock photo’s much in my work though, try to use my own. But…I hardly have time to take pictures anymore, so…stock comes in handy. anyway i’ll stop talking now. glad you like it.

Could some of the mods write those 2 stock archieves in the pinned Drawing and Design tread ? tx <-- paid service

forgot not really stock photos but they have some nice walpapers and picture you can fool around with to get some neat effects

all paid services but very good istockphoto is very cheap compared to the other 2